Flooring Maintenance and Restoration

Flooring Maintenance and Restoration

Wood Floor Maintenance and Restoration

At Greater Houston Flooring we provide all types of Flooring Maintenance and restoration services.

Urethane Finish Cleaning and Restoration-

  • Bona deep clean system – A professional cleaning service to remove the built up dirt and grime on your hardwood flooring not removed from normal cleaning. 
  • Bona Guaranteed Recoat System
  • Acrylic wax removal

European Oil Maintenance-

Your Woca European oil finished floor will require you to be put on a maintenance plan. The customer will need to clean with the Woca soap on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. Every three to four months the floor will need to have Woca refresher applied. We recommend having this process done professionally by us. This flooring maintenance process will clean the floor, and add additional oil to your finish. In doing so, you are expanding the life of your finish.

Every few years you will see the floor looking like it needs something more. This may be the time for a restoration coat of either Woca diamond oil active, or Woca master oil. This restoration coat will greatly prolong the life of your finish, which makes you able to go much longer without needing to sand and refinish your floor.

Traditional Hardwood wax finish-

If you have a traditional paste wax finish on your floor you will need have the floor maintained on a six to twelve month schedule in most cases. Many of our customer with a paste wax finish schedule a maintenance program with us to come out to wax, and polish their floor. This will restore your wax finished floor to its original luster.

Tile and Natural Stone Sealing and Restoration-

We offer sealing and restoration services to all types of tile, and natural stone including countertops. Is you grout looking dirty? We can restore it to like new. Often once of the most common tiled areas needing maintenance is the shower. Mineral deposits, and soap scum can take a major toll on the wet areas. We can bring them back to their original beauty.

Carpet Cleaning-

We offer carpet cleaning services as well. Contact us for a free estimate.