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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

One of the best qualities of a custom hardwood floor, and some prefinished hardwood floors is the ability to be refinished. With a hardwood floor refinishing Houston TX  project you will select the desired color, and finish to be used. This allows the customer to see the colors in their home. Because Your homes paint color, and lighting play a large factor in the appearance of the flooring color so it’s best to make this decision in the home. As a result, The color selection process will be done on the first or second day of your restoration project.

When your Houston hardwood floor refinishing technician is sent to sand and finish in an occupied home, we will take the time to isolate the work areas from the rest of the residence to ensure dust containment to the best of our ability during your wood floor restoration project. We use Bona Dust reduction systems on our equipment because this allows us to eliminate up to 95% of airborn dust.  

Greater Houston has been sanding floors professionally for over 14 years. We specialize in working with all types of flooring stains and finishes, and guarantee your satisfaction. Our attention to the details are what separate us from other hardwood floor refinishing contractors. 

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Houston TX Preparation

Floor sanding is an art which takes years to master. Before you begin your Refinishing process in your home you will be responsible for removing your furniture from the workspace.

  Greater Houston Flooring will hang plastic where needed in your home, and cover walkways to keep your home as clean as possible during this process. We will hang plastic in doorways, and have the ability to install plastic walls to keep dust isolated to the workspace. Also, you will need to have the air conditioning in the home be turned off doing the Hardwood Floor Refinishing Houston process. Greater Houston will tape off all door jambs, and any cabinets or woodwork needed to keep stain and finish off of them. 

Greater Houston Flooring will leave you with the satisfaction that you chose the right hardwood floor refinishing company. 

How Long Will My Project Take To Complete

On average, a floor of 1000-1500 square feet will take 5-7 days to complete. Hand scraping, wire brushing, and European oil finishes will take a bit longer, specifically because of the added man hours to achieve the looks.  Once your hardwood floor refinishing Houston TX has been finished, the floor must cure before moving furniture back into place.

What does Houston hardwood floor refinishing cost?

Price per can vary with this type of project. Basic refinishing starts around $5.00 per square foot, and different treatments can add cost. It is always best to have us come to your home to assess your job, and determine what options will be necessary to give you the floor of your dreams.

Finish Options

Oil Modified 

Commercial oil modified polyurethane is the standard finish material you will use on your wood floor restoration project. We have used it for decades, and it gives the floor great protection for years. Oil modified urethane is available in satin, semi-gloss, and gloss sheens. You can walk on this finish after 12-24 hours after application, and you can move your furniture back in after 72 hours. Also, we recommend allowing 1 week before installing rugs. You will have a fully cured floor in 14 days. Oil Modified polyurethanes bring out the vibrance in colors that will make you newly refinished hardwood floors pop.

Waterbased Polyurethane Finish

Water based polyurethane finish has become very popular in recent years due to its strength, and to these products being eco friendly flooring finishes . Most water based finishes are zero voc. With your water based you can apply the second coat in 4-6 hours, and this shortens the job length. You will have a fully cured in 72 hours. You will move your furniture back into the home in 36 hours after you wood floor refinishing is complete. Water base finishes are available in invisible/natural, matte, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. The non-yellowing characteristic of this finish makes it the ideal finish type for both natural, and pastel color tones.

European Oil 

Greater Houston Flooring is a certified Woca European Oil contractor. Woca products are an environmentally safe plant based products. We are able to use reactive stains, and lyes to pre-treat your floor. This allows you achieve very different color profiles and effects for your wood floor restoration. These looks are not possible with a standard stain and finish floor. You must properly maintain your European oil finished floors. When you do this on schedule this floor can go much longer between sand and finishes than with other finishes. 

Stains and Sealers

We offer several options when it comes to staining, and sealing your flooring. This is the process that gives your floor the color you are looking for. Stain is applied before finish, and then followed by the finish coats which are what give it protection.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Floor Care

Once you have installed your new hardwood floors, you must properly maintain them. Every type of flooring has specific maintenance requirements. We are here to help.

Oil based polyurethane and water based finishes can be swept or vacuumed before behind damp mopped using bona floor cleaning kits on an as needed basis. 

Your Woca finished floors will need to be on a specific maintenance schedule. You will need to clean your European oil finished floors with a similar kit. It is important to follow the oil manufacturers recommended during cleaning schedule to ensure the lasting durability of this finish type. With a woca oil finished floor you need to vacuum, and clean with Woca soap every 2-4 weeks. The floor will need to have refresher applied every 3-4 months. We recommend you have process done by us. Every few years the surface will begin to show wear and tear, and it is time to apply another coat.

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